Session: Life after University – Feb 2020 – Facilitator Review by The Coach


On the eve of the commencement of their first graduation ceremony, Sindh Institute of Management and Technology (SIMT) is providing its students with a wonderful opportunity to get in touch with Corporate Professionals and get prepared for their journey in the world outside the boundaries of the university. I was invited by the Management as a Guest Speaker to talk about the Challenges of Professional Life and a possible layout to handle them.

George Floyd – Hope – Time for Action.

George Floyd was a jobless African-American. He was indeed striving for hope to survive the hard times. He was accused of forging a UD 20 bill by a vendor who sought the assistance of 911 to follow the SOP if such an instance occurs. This accusation led to his eventual death. No matter what the circumstances, the manner in which his death took place is absolutely condemn-able and punishable, no questions asked. But that’s not it.

I resigned. I was immediately released. Did I fail to make a difference?

Gone are the times when conventional Job Descriptions were to be complied with and this marked the end of accomplished careers. Now organizations look for people who are multi-dimensional, self-driven and are willing to learn new things and take on new responsibilities with a smiling face.

Success – Persistence – Positive Thinking

A lot of times during my corporate training sessions and while addressing social media queries I come across some common concerns: what is the short cut to success? why I am not getting to my desired goal? how can I achieve my dream? what is it that’s keeping me away from my objective? well these are different questions having one single answer; PERSISTENCE.

Session: Succeeding amidst Challenges – March 2020 Facilitator Review by The Coach

The auditorium was filled with intriguing questions, peals of laughter, and dreams while it all started off with a pin-drop silence 2 hours ago. I had a memorable time with the participants, getting to realize one more time, that the most complex workplace problems are just a few minutes-talk away.