Training Session on Effective Communication With Team Akseer – April 2019


Professionals consider the art of communication as not so important and hence defy focusing on it. During the regular course of corporate assignments, Professionals tend to keep communication skills aside and focus on other intriguing components of the trade.

Session on Entrepreneurial Mindset and the Economy of Pakistan

Without a doubt, Pakistan is a country that is blessed incalculably with a diverse landscape, abundant natural resources to go with a population of over 200 million people. Based on the population count, Pakistan is the 6th most populous country in the world. The most substantial fact about the humongous Population of Pakistan is the median age that falls at roughly around 23 years’ mark.

Girls know their Cricket, better.

An overall outcome of the survey depicted the overconfidence that we possess as a nation in our resources and capabilities. Few of you may like to replace the term “overconfidence” with "Self-belief" and "Hope" and indeed being a Soft Skills Trainer, I would absolutely love that. But a realistic interpretation of the survey does exhibit the complacency and contentment that gets the better of us, as a nation, more often than not.